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Fax in Tenebris is a roleplaying of knights, horror, and faith.

You play a band of holy Crusaders descending deep into an ancient crypt in search of a lost artifact: the Chalice.

As you delve ever deeper, you will confront not only shadows and horrors, but your own creeping doubts. Dwell too long in these suspicions, and a Crusader may turn away from the Light Divine—instead indulging in vile sin.

At its core, Fax in Tenebris is about keeping your faith in the face of fear and doubt: faith in the Light Divine, faith in your quest, and faith in your friends.

Fax in Tenebris is meant for short-form play: one session is common, you might push it as far as three or four.

Over the course of a game of Fax in Tenebris, you will face beasts of the shadow, accrue and expel doubts, delve deeper into the crypts, and eventually become marred with wounds and sin. The game has a strong horror element, as well a high likelihood of players turning on each other. Even if you can persevere and find the Chalice, it may not herald the answers you desire.

Veritas vincit.

The playbooks for Fax in Tenebris are available as a free download—they're listed as a demo, but really they're just the things you'll want to print out ahead of time. 

If you want a physical zine, you can get one at DriveThruRPG: Fax in Tenebris.

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AuthorSam Sorensen


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Hi Sam, I bought a physical copy of your game at drivethru and am planning to run it at a convention in september. That said, I was wondering if there are fillable playbooks  which I can use for online gaming? Or maybe a character keeper made in google drive? Cheers from Germany!

Hi! There are not unfortunately any readily form-fillable versions of the PDFs, nor are there any spreadsheets or anything similar, at least as far as I know.

If you have to play digitally, my advice would be to either import the PDFs as Google images and edit them directly, or just use a simple shared document—Fax characters aren't all that complicated, fortunately, so they're relatively easy to track.

Sorry again, though.